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Opoku Ware School was established in 1952, as one of the five Catholic schools in Ghana that year. The school was named after Asante King Opoku Ware I. The students are known collectively as Akatakyie, an Asante word meaning “conquering heroes”.


    Opoku Ware School "The School"

    Opoku Ware School is committed to providing a qaulity education that equips students for leadership in all spheres of life. Our teachers and students come from different backgrounds and experiences, but they share a common commitment to academic excellence, and moral excellence.

    Okatakyie Determination

    "Reliance, commitment and Excellence are synonymous with the tortoise. It hastens slowly, because they say, life and time are God's design and not a race".

    We believe firmly in God as the light of knowledge, power, vision, source of strength and blessing of all acheivement.
    Indeed, however long it takes, it is prudent to have faith, dedication and perseverance in order to reach the mark of your goals and dreams, for your star is waiting to shine upon you.

    Like climbing a higher mountain with its obstacles and conundrum, so will the glory and litany of your accomplishment forever shine like a beacon and as sweet as honey.

    We are the tortoise, the inspirer, the motivator, the mighty and great Akatakyie,
    First Amongst Equals!


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    Opoku Ware School,
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